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After realizing that I will not be doing my dream job as White House Press Secretary, I spent many days traveling the world and searching and seeking a dream career.

I decided to summon my inner Wonder Woman and do a little good old-fashioned exploring, I ventured deep into the spiritual corners of my soul, and that’s when it happened; there’s just something about that feeling — that “aha!” moment when you find promising new products, or service and immediately realize you could never go back to the way things were before the light bulb went off.

I was instantly excited that I could make people’s life easier, motivate, inspire, help clients with my written and oral communications skills with comprehensive experience in numerous forms of marketing and sales experience.

Experienced Plastic Sales Representative with an outstanding record of effectively assessing customer’s needs, product management, and building successful long-term business-to-business relationships.

Helping businesses reach their potential, solid track record of success in growing sales, marketing expertise, business development, national accounts, and business management.

Free Consultations Tammy Sagastume plastic for various industries including but not limited to Fome-Cor, Adhesive Back Fome-Cor, Gatorfoam, PVC Foam, Clear PVC, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Marine 5 ar-2 Polycarbonate, Starboard, High-Impact Polystyrene, HDPE, Aerospace, Architectural Glazing, Automotive, Building and Construction, Chemical Manufacturing, COVID-19 Protection, Displays |

Baltimore Maryland Plastic Supply

Baltimore Maryland Plastic Supply

Point of Sale, Electrical, Exhibit, Trade Show, and Convention Services Industrial, Food Processing and Handling Framing and Mounting, Furniture and Design, Graphics | Printing, Logging, and Paper, Machine Shops, Marine, Material Handling / Conveying, Medical Equipment, Oil and Gas, Plastic – Metal Fabrication, Recreation, Security and Protection, Semiconductor, Signage, Specialty Vehicle Emergency Vehicles, Trailers, Truck Conversion (Food Truck), RV, Transportation, and more.

Baltimore Maryland Plastic Supply

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